Questions I’ve asked recently

Should I hang these lanterns at my front door for Chinese New Year? I don’t want to make us a target…

What does Chesa Boudin feel is normal for temper tantrums?

What do *you* do when you have “a bad day”?

Why are they bending over backward to try to prove this wasn’t racially motivated?

Why is everyone reacting with “sure crime bad, but don’t forget Chyna really bad”?

LOL, how did he get beat up by a Chinese granny on Market Street?!

Crap, should I talk to Jiaxu about the anti-Chinese graffiti across the street from school?

Should I buy a gun?

Mom, do you have mace?

Mom, do you want a gun?

I wonder how Jiaxu will feel when he grows up and gets asked “no where are you *really* from”?

Will Jiaxu still be made to feel like a foreigner even though he was born and raised here?

What about Jiaxu’s kids? Will they still get called “chink” or “gook”? Do slurs evolve?

For more than half a century the only qualification for immigration was “don’t be Chinese”. How soon before we get Chinese Exclusion Act 2.0?

What can I do?

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